Centennial 2019

My association with NPOB rugby only goes back to 1995 when my role of NPBHS Headmaster had the added advantage of club patron. However, this period of time is long enough to become, like so many others, proud to be involved in such a special institution in Taranaki. Let me tell you all that the club in 2018 continues to uphold the age old traditions of open rugby, never say die spirit and sense of belonging that culminates in fun social occasions.

100 years, in New Zealand terms, is long enough to form an institution that has had a profound effect on so many young men associated with our magical game and at the same time filled an important piece of the puzzle that makes up a vibrant community.

2019 is a proud milestone in the life of our much honoured rugby club and the celebrations over Easter are an opportunity not to be missed whether you were a player, coach, manager, sponsor club official, dedicated follower of the white jersey or wife, girlfriend, partner of the former.

This celebration is the perfect excuse to bring together those kindred spirits who for the weekend will be able to share stories, enjoy the comradarie and rekindle friendships as well as be a part of fun times. Whether this is your first year associated with NPOB or it has been so for a lifetime this is an event not to be missed.
The Centenary Committee under the evergreen Chairman, John Mitchell, have put together a range of activities that will hold excitement for all and celebrate our first 100 years in the true Old Boy’s style. We look forward to seeing you all.

Lyal French-Wright
Chairman NPOB Rugby Club