List of people attending the Centennial 2019.

Pete Cowley and Liz Dobson
Neil Smith
Rod Fabish and partner
Murray and Helen Wright
Alison Reid and Murray Reid
Amber-Jane Reid
John Castelli
Peter and Sandy Phear
Hamish Mitchell
Alan and Dawn Rattenbury
Ross and Katrina Lilley
Brendon Hart
Graham Cochrane
Jeremy and Gillian Burton
Selwyn and Marie Hodder
Peter and Karen Burton
Ray and Linda Sleep
Abel and Jayetta Robertson
Peter Old
Keith and Karena Mawson
Sue and John Mitchell
Paul and Caryll O’Neill
Neil and Raewyn Wolfe
Robbie and Joy Peel
Brendan and Melanie McGlashan
Phil Hogg and Libby Kemp
Vern Mist
Rob and Valerie Wheeler
Murray and Sheila Marshall
Graeme and Heather Earl
Barry and Barbara McKerrow
Kevin Wilks
Marion and James O’Connor
Peter and Justine Darney
Barry and Pam Darney
Kyle Sleep
Megan and Neil Barnes
M Brien and Irene
Mike and Brenda Topless
Rob Campbell
Al and M Reid
Clive McGlashan and Rose
Campbell and S Feather
David Ormrod
Bruce and Vicky Sutton
Colin and Elsie Rump
Kevin and Bev Archer
Arron and Justine Rump
Sharon Taylor
John and Pam Burrows
Brian and Carol Dravitski
Bryce Wood
Mac and Barbara Olsen
Michael Bennett
Peter Saunders
Steve and Marie Hackett
Owen McBride and Liesha McBride
Liam McBride
Mark and Alex Stewart
Tai and Maureen Ruwhiu
Peter and Sandy Hill
Mark and Sonia Johnstone
Jed and Jill Boyce
Gavin Griffin and partner
Phil Thomson
Rex Nightingale and Donna Nightingale
Peter and Diane Morrison
Lofty Adlam
George Anderson
Anne Stewart
Hayden and Tania O’Neill
Andrew and Leanne Gibson
Ron and Doreen Paton
Errol and Joan Tuffery
Natalie and Justin Looney
Dean and Sheree Magon
Brodie Lilley
Craig Wisnewski
Adam Bayliss
Douglas Proffit
Neville Baker and Cali-Michelle
Steve and Amanda Roylance
Neil and Judy Herdson
Clive and Beth McLean
Graeme and Helen Rogers
Caleb Mawson
Kevin Gledhill
Max Carroll
Sharon and Peter Nickel
Diane Carr and Leith Hamilton
Paul and Fay Clarke
Matthew Dixon and Iris Dixon
Mark and Tawney Urwin
Gavin White and Chris Doyle
Steve and Robyn Cade
Chris McLean
Derek and Leigh Sampson
Andrew and Karen Slater
Lester Earl
Roger Boon
Warren Bolton
Andrew Scott
Scott Ireland
Kevin Blundell
Tony Earl
Kevin Proffit and Barbara Proffit
Mike Sandle
Alistair and Diane Jordan
Todd Wolfe
Graeme Death
David Hutchison
Roger and Paula Wells
Natasha Hintz
Brendon Hintz
Jody Hintz
Bruce and Megan Lilley
Ralph West and Janice West
Lyal French Wright and Pauline French Wright
Roy Roper
Gary Thomson
Ian and Ange Anderson
Trev (Jock) Smith
Peter Haigh
Larry Stewart
Michael and Jo Carr
Billy and Yvette Preston
Wayne Revell
Greg and Gina Newman
Noel and Maree Cave
Graham Mora
Allen Baker
Steve and Nicola Paki Paki
Neil Sole
Bryan Davis
George and Janet Verry
Wallah Rama
Gary and Jan Bishell
Finn McDonald
Ian Street
Bill Phillips
Frank and Philippa Finnigan
Richards Helms
Gary and Ann Lilley
Sharyn and Tony Boshier
Ross Landon- Lane
David Lawrence
Rob Yule
Daryl Hine
Andrew and Kimberley Thompson
Rodney Priest and Raewyn Vought
Denise Darling
Malachi and Dallas Barnes
Grant and Jen Aitken
Warwick Williams
Murray Watts
Simon Bird
Gordon Slater
Aaron Mahura
Brett and Rosemary Gould
Colin May
Craig Morris
Jackson Carrington and Hannah Butler
Andrew Slyfield
Michael and Mary Newman
Gordon Giddy
David Sleep
Will Harvey
Phil and Shelley Gard
Les Nairn
Dion Herlihy
Phil and Amanda Mitchell
Neville Lester
Brett Lovegrove
Shane Hildred
Russell Welch
Peter Woodham
Tony Rillstone
Fale Saotui
Marty Campbell and partner

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