Premier Division

Kelvin McDowell has joined existing New Plymouth Old Boys coach Michael Carr for the 2018 campaign. Despite missing out on last year’s top four, for the first time since 1991, the side has picked up several players.

Locks Topou Va’ai and Brad Tucker have joined Old Boys from Wesley College and have linked up with the Taranaki Academy. Thomas McElroy and Dean Stewart return to the squad and will provide plenty of options in the second row.

Former New Plymouth Boys High School loose forward Michael Loft has signed with Old Boys after a summer in the Taranaki sevens squad. The remainder of the forward pack will comprise of existing talent of Mitchell O’Neill, Blake Morgan, Hamish Alabaster and Brad Valentine.

In the backline, Emosi Masivou returns from a few years away from rugby and David Stark joins the club. The rest of the squad remains the same with Daniel Waite and Logan Rei to add excitement in the back line. Other new players have come from the Division 1 side.

Unfortunately for Old Boys will miss Willie McBride (injured), Jeremy Burton and Rick Fabish (retirement), Sione Ahokava and Patrick Stark (transfer) and Brooke Moses and Josh Rei (overseas).


NPOB vs Tukapa
May 19
Vogletown Park
25 - 27
Stratford and Eltham vs NPOB
May 26
Victoria Park
27 - 34
NPOB vs Southern
June 2
Vogletown Park
30 - 15
NPOB vs Inglewood
June 9
Vogletown Park
53 - 10
Spotswood United vs NPOB
June 16
Yarrows Stadium
NPOB vs Clifton
June 23
Vogletown Park
Clifton vs NPOB
March 30
Tikorangi Sports Ground
27 - 22
NPOB vs Coastal
April 7
Vogletown Park
30 - 19
Southern vs NPOB
April 14
Hawera Hub
25 - 27
NPOB vs Spotswood United
April 21
Vogletown Park
27 - 19
NPOB vs Stratford and Eltham
April 28
Vogletown Park
14 - 10
Tukapa vs NPOB
May 5
Sanders Park
40 - 22
Inglewood vs NPOB
May 11
TET Stadium
10 - 30


Forwards Blake Morgan
James Wilson
Toby Burkett
Chad Petersen
Mitchell O'Neill
Caleb Mawson (c)
Tupoa Va’ai
Dean Stewart
Brent Tucker
Brad Valentine
Hamish Alabaster
Gabe Lauderdale-Smith
Michael Loft
Thomas McElroy
Backs Jessie Goodwin
Brodie Lilley
Shaan Waite
Brayton Northcott-Hill
Daniel Waite
Jayden Ford
Matthew Guthrie
Jackson Carrington
Jahmarl Weir
Logan Rei
Luke De Villiers
David Stark
Emosi Masivou
Management Michael Carr
Kelvin McDowell
Phil Mitchell
Rikki Hoeata