July 28, 2023

Three teams in the semi finals, two in the finals, and the BCD NPOB Premiers coming away with the premiership title.

Finals weren’t meant to be for the Pepper Construction Colts and unfortunately Southern proved too much for our ALSCO Division 1 team on finals day.

BCD Premiers proved themselves worthy of the title, using the full 20 mins of overtime to score two tries and secure the win after a hard fought battle by Stratford Eltham.  

For those supporters who were able to join the teams at the clubrooms before and after the games, thank-you. The vibe and “lift” it gives our players makes the club.  

Off the field is where our players, coaches and management really showed their club colours, trying with the greatest of intent to get defaulted games played, Donald Brighouse putting on the Spotswood jersey against Coastal to ensure the game could be played, allowing other clubs to train on our fields and supporting each other on game days.  

The U85kg team shows just how team spirit works, comprised mainly of NPOB players with extras from other clubs, this team has great support and is off to Wellington this weekend for their third round match against Hutt Old Boys Marist – more on that below. 

Off the field has been equally as fantastic.  

Following a lengthy process, the new lights are in, waiting to be laser sighted once the weather is more consistent.  A successful launch was held during the season with the Juniors, showing just how Friday night rugby can propser.  Our sponsors, friends of old boys and old timers have once again proven how vital their support is and what a pleasure it is for the club to be able to host them during the season.  

Family day was again another success with the clubrooms humming with the hustle and bustle of young families.

A massive thanks to the board, who have again spent many hours supporting our teams, and running the club to ensure that you can all do what you do best: Play the game, watch the game, have fun and enjoy being a part of NPOB.

With the season finished for the Seniors, closing tournaments to come for the juniors, all that remains is the prize-givings to be held, where we will all get to bask in the glory of NPOB!

Read below for wrap up from the teams finals matches including details on the u85 lads next match and prize giving!

Thanks once again for all your support. 

White, White, White

NPOB Chairman